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Picking winners is a skill, and you should be able to profit off that skill. After you've established yourself as a top bettor on oddFlex, sell your picks to other bettors to use in real-money wagering.

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Live Like A Sharp

Earn real money without risking your own money at the bet window. Prove yourself wagering virtual currency, then sell your picks on the world's first transparent BetMarket that awards actual skill.

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Validated Action

Complete betting records for all players will be publicly available, so you can finally figure out who among your friends is the top bettor.

Bettors should be measured beyond just wins and losses.

Use our advanced betting metrics and leaderboards to tell the difference between contenders and pretenders. Then buy the picks of our top bettors or fade the mush.

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Bet With Confidence

Sports betting is difficult and everyone believes they're better at it than they actually are. Forget the Twitter advice and gurus with photoshopped bet slips. Trust the transparency and data of oddFlex to pick winners.

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