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oddFlex lets you bet on anything, including hyper-local events like mascot races, bar trivia, spelling bees, and whatever else you can imagine. Contact us now, and we’ll make your first betting market for free.

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Drive Engagement

Whether you’re a sports venue trying to connect with the fans, a bar wanting patrons to hang out longer, or a local club wanting to spark interest with new members, custom bets from oddFlex will drive social engagement like nothing else.

Creating Bets is Easy

You provide the event information, we discuss what bets make sense, then oddFlex generates a custom league that our entire user population can interact with.

Reward Your Followers

Once your custom bets are live, oddFlex can provide additional credit bonuses to the best bettors in your league, in addition to whatever real-world prizes you may want to award yourself.

Have More Fun

Betting is fun, but betting on things you already have a close connection to is even better. oddFlex will help you and your followers have more fun.

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