Our Mission

Give bettors the emotional thrills of betting without risking real money
Give bettors the ability to earn real money without risking real money

A Sportsbook unlike any other

Sports betting creates an emotional rush unlike anything else. Every moment of the game becomes the most important thing in your life. The successes and failures of the players on the field become your successes and failures. But sports betting is hard. Casinos set betting odds to make sure that you, and the vast majority of bettors, will lose money over time. What if it could be different?

oddFlex is designed to help players turn the table on the casinos, all while replicating the thrills and excitement of traditional sports betting. We remove the financial downside of bad betting results, while creating new opportunities to make money and earn bragging rights when running hot. Placing a wager on any of the thousands of betting markets offered by oddFlex doesn’t require risking money, only your reputation. You can place more bets here than anywhere else, showing the world (and more importantly, your friends) how smart you are. Our Leaderboards let you judge well you rank against other bettors with advanced betting metrics that truly measure a bettor's talent. Rise to the top, and you may suddenly find more than just bragging rights coming your way.

Risk Nothing, Win Everything

The BetMarket is a unique marketplace offered within the oddFlex platform, allowing our players to profit off their talent by selling betting picks to others for real money. Whether you’re a bettor that can consistently turn a profit, or just on a hot streak where every wager you place seems to be a winner, there could be a significant number of people willing to spend $1, $5, or even $100 to follow what you’re doing on any given day.

Other services may charge hundreds of dollars to follow someone with little verifiable data, and questionable transaction methods. As a platform on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, with sellers backed by fully transparent betting histories (no cherry picking bets here), you can have confidence in the quality of the betting picks you’re paying for information. If you follow good bettors, and consequently improve your betting performance, you may even be able to sell picks of your own to earn back the money you spent, and then some.  

Our hope is that individuals within the oddFlex community will be able to leverage the talents of the rest of the community to improve their own betting performance over time. Casinos should be scared when they hear that their players are getting advice from oddFlex players. We will cause betting lines to shift, and casino losses to mount, changing the underlying industry forever.

Get in the game

oddFlex is a sports betting platform and marketplace with endless possibilities for entertainment. Download oddFlex now to place your risk-free bets, prove your talent, and profit off your success.

The future of sports betting is here. Risk nothing, win everything, have fun.