Our Mission

Give bettors the emotional thrills of betting without risking real money
Give bettors the ability to earn real money without risking real money

A Sportsbook unlike any other

The best part of sports betting is the emotional rush, the thrill of anticipation. Every moment of the game becomes the most important thing in your life. The team's successes or failures become your successes or failures. The worst part of sports betting? Over time, you're going to lose money, and we all know it. But what if we could replicate the rush of sports betting without the financial risk?

Traditional sportsbooks use real money as a shortcut to create an emotional experience. At oddFlex, we believe that we can replicate that experience without you having to risk real money. Instead, you risk something else: your reputation. Bragging to your friends about how smart you are, about how you know everything about everything when it comes to some player, team, or sport – this is why most of us enjoy betting on sports. With traditional sportsbooks, you miss out on this exchange. It’s in their interest to keep betting opaque so that bettors aren’t reminded how much they’re losing. With oddFlex, your reputation is your primary currency. Everyone will know exactly how well everyone else is doing, and it won’t matter how much money you have or how loud you are on Twitter.

Risk Nothing, Win Everything

To create this experience, our users will wager a virtual currency with no monetary value. As each wager is settled, that betting data will be used to create a series of advanced betting metrics that are unique to oddFlex. Our Leaderboards will let you judge how well a bettor performed against expectation (i.e. did they win more often than someone betting randomly), how good they are at identifying 'valuable' betting lines, and how much their bankroll changes on average after each wager, among other things.

We then ramp up the significance of winning and losing bets by adding ancillary financial consequences, beyond just how much your friends respect you. With Leaderboards ranking bettors based on our advanced metrics, the oddFlex community will be able to identify who is good at betting on different sports, across different time periods and bet types. Once there is a sufficient user base with established betting data, we will open a marketplace so that bettors can buy and sell betting information with each other, for real money. This BetMarket is how bettors can make real money without risking any money.

If a bettor has proven over time that they are consistently able to pick winners—or they’ve just been really hot in the past week betting on a Japanese baseball league, or they're so cold that betting against them would be a sure winner—maybe you'd be willing to pay $0.99 or $4.99 or $99.99, or whatever the market dictates, to buy all the active bets that this bettor has placed. You can use these betting sheets to guide real-money bets on other platforms, or to boost your own stats on oddFlex. With our advanced metrics and betting transparency, it’s easy to find bettors with a winning pedigree to up your betting game. For you skilled bettors, your betting performance will sell itself, and for real money.

Have Fun

oddFlex has also been designed with one other major advantage over traditional sportsbooks: flexibility. Because wagers on this platform do not involve real money, we have the ability to offer markets on events you won't find anywhere else. At oddFlex, you can bet on events in hundreds of eSports leagues, like League of Legends LCS, Call of Duty League, and the FIFAe World Cup. Later this year, you’ll be able to bet on who will win the Eurovision Song Contest, whether Doctor Strange will appear in the new Black Panther movie, and how many votes are cast for the next US President, among other exotic betting markets. Eventually, you'll be able to bet on anything and everything you can imagine. You’ll be able to make custom markets on the outcome of a beer league softball game, or who among your friends can get the highest score on the Wonderlic Test, or how many glasses of rosé will be drunk at your Bachelorette viewing party. Your overall metrics won’t be impacted by these custom bets, but the bragging rights will be very real.

Get in the game

oddFlex is a sportsbook unlike any other with endless possibilities. Download oddFlex now to place your risk-free bets, prove your talent, and profit off your success.

The future of sports betting is here. Risk nothing, win everything, have fun.